15 February 2014

More January Re-cap

Really, I'm not sure who reads these posts.  But one person I do know who keeps up on them all is my dad.  I don't know if I have anything poignant to say or any profound impact to make with this blog, other than to share with my dad what his daughter, son-in-law and grand kids do from day to day.  So, dad, this is for you!  Cheers!

As is typical, January was a slow and sleepy time for the Wild::Roots Family.  While the Sun King has been re-born, he certainly takes his good ol' time showing his face.  We spend a lot of time in our pajamas in January, recovering from Holy-Day festivities and celebrations - reading, baking, snuggling and just be-ing.  Sometimes, it's one of the hardest months of the year for me, personally.  It is dark, it is cold, it's hard to transition from the magic of the festival season back into the mundane of everyday life.

However, while the darkness certainly made its annual impact, this January didn't keep us down too long this year...we had one of the warmest Januaries I have ever witnessed!  

Warm enough for snow people...

...and puddles! 

...and snow people whose heads melted off!

(now that is some pretty warm January weather!)

We got a couple of good skis in until it became so icy that just attempting to walk out the front door was a suicide mission.  Here we are skiing at Smith Lake:

It was so warm, Dove was able to slide on the icy road while wearing her autumn boots and a summer skirt...not even tights covered those legs!

Of course, the sunrises and sunsets were fantastic...at almost anytime of day.  It's hard to tell which is which, since it all seems to meld together this time of year into one big Dawn-Dusk...

We have a great view of the Mountain (Denali) up where we live...the kids refer to it as the Sleeping Dragon due to its shape from our point of view.  It never seems to lose its beauty or mystery or magic, no matter how many times we see it...

The kids filled the house (and continue to do so) with lovely music...

Hope everyone's January was warm and snuggly!

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Rowin said...

Well I Love love love to keep up with your blog! Your life is always so beautiful and I think you are an amazing family! So thank you much for taking time to update your blog. <3 love from Florida <3